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Fleet Week

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Since the very beginning of the Rose Festival back in 1907, visiting ships and other fleet-related elements (like submarines) have been making their way to Portland’s waterfront. The City of Portland is known to be a favorite port of call for military (and non-military) visitors — and citizens enjoy making these visitors welcome! One of the purposes of Fleet Week has always been to celebrate and thank the active and reserve military personnel and all veterans.


2014 Rose Festival Fleet

Ships that will be visiting Portland during Fleet Week will be announced soon!

Ship Tours

Admission is FREE
Public tours will be on a first-come basis, usually during these hours:
9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Note: Ships set their own schedules, so some may not offer tours during these times.

Visitors may be subject to personal search and no bags, strollers or wheelchairs will be allowed onboard. There will not be any ‘holding area’ for personal items and visitors must be able to maneuver on board the ships, including climbing narrow ladders.

Please note: While on board any Canadian ship, you are subject to Canadian laws (and outside United States jurisdiction).