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Portlander Wins the Hallmark ‘Daddy of All Dance-Offs’ Contest in New York City

On June 13, 2008, Hallmark named Ronnie Bell of Portland, Oregon, the 2008 ‘Number One Dancing Dad In America.’

Bell, who was selected at the WaMu Waterfront Village contest during the 2008 Rose Festival, beat out hundreds of other dancing dads from across the country in Hallmark’s “Daddy of All Dance-Offs” — a nationwide search for America’s best dancing dad.

As the winner of the contest, Bell not only earned bragging rights as the top dancing dad in the nation, but also won some great cash prizes.

Hallmark’s “Daddy of All Dance-Offs” was a light-hearted competition aimed at “moving Dad” through music for Father’s Day. The online and multi-city contests gave dads of all ages (and dance ability) a chance to show off their best dance moves, rocking out to MC Hammer’s “U Can’t Touch This” (as featured in one of Hallmark’s innovative Cards with Sound).