rose outline
rose outline

D.B. Cooper Visits Portland Rose Festival Events

Have you seen a familiar person lurking around Rose Festival events this year? Carrying his briefcase and dragging his parachute behind him, D.B. Cooper decided to drop in — and you never know where you might see him!

D.B. was chased through Waterfront Village on Friday night (May 29), during the amazing FREEZE, and was also seen Saturday night (May 30), wandering down the route of the PGE/SOLV Starlight Parade, shaking hands, posing for photos and talking to his many fans!

Be sure to search this website for the HIDDEN D.B. Cooper page! Look for the tiny man parachuting down, then CLICK HIM!

If YOU have ‘Photo Evidence’ of any D.B. Cooper sighting, send it to his email and you might see your photo shared here at the Rose Festival website! Plus you’ll be entered in a contest to win a COOL prize packages! The email address is:gro.l1590502667avits1590502667efeso1590502667r@rep1590502667oocbd1590502667