rose outline
rose outline

You Can Still Win at the Rose Festival!

Two contests are currently open through the July 31, 2009.

First, win a travel package to Long Beach, California, with the 2009 JetBlue Airways/KeyBank Grand Floral Parade Sweepstakes! No purchase or transaction necessary to enter or win.

Send an email with contact information and the key word togro.l1579609061avits1579609061efeso1579609061r@tse1579609061tnoc1579609061 to enter. JetBlue knows what today’s consumer wants, and offers MORE than other airlines—more comfort, more free entertainment and more customer service!This means the key word is: MORE

And for you super-sleuths and sharp-eyed spectators:

If you caught photo evidence of D.B. Cooper at any Rose Festival events this year (hint: he rode in the KeyBank Grand Floral Parade with the FBI agent who led the official D.B. Cooper investigation), send your photographs togro.l1579609061avits1579609061efeso1579609061r@rep1579609061oocbd1579609061

by July 31, 2009 and be eligible for a Rose Festival prize package. (Look for the parachute icon on the KeyBank Grand Floral Parade page on this website!)