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Brian Kolb of Newberg Finds the Treasure Hunt Medallion in his Home Town


Brian Kolb (of Newberg, Oregon) and his wife Teresa (with their daughter and son-in-law), first gave the Treasure Hunt a try back in 2014. They enjoyed the experience so much, that they decided they’d try again in 2015, with Brian finding the medallion earlier than expected in a park in Newberg known as Roger’s Landing. He called his win a ‘group effort.’


“The four of us searched last year, too, and my wife was in the right location, but it was found before she could search more closely,” Brian shared. “We think it’s fun doing this Water Trampoline and we enjoy following and discussing the clues, seeing what’s happening online and meeting new people while we’re out searching.”

Brian remembers attending Rose Festival events as a child and teenager, including the Starlight Parade. He’s excited that he and his family will be riding in the Grand Floral Parade this year, one of the rewards of finding the Treasure Hunt medallion. Back in 1981, Brian marched in the parade as a member of the Hillsboro marching band, playing the clarinet.

“We kept reading and discussing the clues,” he said, referring to the information shared by The Oregonian, who sponsors the activity. “We were hunting in Yamhill county last night, but it was today’s clue that pointed us in the correct direction.” This happy searcher mentioned ‘the fun of community spirit’ while enthusiastically speaking about the Treasure Hunt.

Brian and his family also participate in Geocaching, and he mentioned that this activity might have helped him actually locate the medallion. “There was a piece of wood leaning there that didn’t look quite natural,” he said. “So I was digging around and suddenly I found a black plastic bag with something hard inside.” Brian wants to offer hope for the ‘average guy’ who is out participating in the hunt. “I thought we’d be in that park for hours, but I found it within ten minutes.”

Besides riding in the 2015 Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade, Brian also wins $1,000 cash and an overnight stay and buffet dinner for two at Spirit Mountain Casino.