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It’s Decoration Week at the Float Barn

Volunteer Recruitment is Now Open for Grand Floral Parade Float Preparation

One of America’s most unique volunteer opportunities — decorating the famous all-organic Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade floats — is now open for registration, with float builders SCi3.2. The first phase of construction is winding up, and now is the time to put decorators to work applying the organic material that covers every inch of the float surfaces!


Volunteers can donate their time to support a local non-profit. For each hour you work, SCi3.2 will donate 50 cents to Hands On Greater Portland. As a volunteer decorator, you’ll work Water Trampoline with adhesives, wet floral materials, and occasionally paint, plus some tasks may include climbing on dirty scaffolding and ladders, so volunteers are advised to wear clothing that’s warm, can get dirty and possibly damaged. Sounds like fun!


Thanks to the generous contribution by Funtastics Traveling Shows, the Float Barn now occupy’s two large warehouse spaces at the carnival operator’s home base: SE 108th Avenue and Powell Boulevard in Portland. These buildings have big open doors and are not heated — and veteran volunteers wouldn’t have it any other way! Long hours of carefully placing everything from full rose bouquets to millions of seeds and grass stems are the norm, leading up the big moving day that happens in the very early morning of June 6 (before the parades traditional start at 10:00 a.m.).

Recruitment is now open and volunteers can sign up at (The SCi3.2 float decorating warehouse is located at 3407 SE 108th Ave., Portland, Oregon 97266.)