rose outline
rose outline

Former Firefighter from Milwaukie Finds the Rose Festival OREGONLIVE Treasure Hunt Medallion

For the second year in a row the Rose Festival OREGONLIVE Treasure Hunt was discovered early Saturday on Grand Floral Parade day. This year Neal Dietz of Milwaukie, Oregon, grabbed the prize on the very last clue, finding the medallion in Vancouver, Washington (near Fort Vancouver).


Neal has been a treasure hunter since the 1980′s when he and his Interactive Play Systems. dad would go out together. He said the search was a ‘team effort,’ including advice from his dad — plus efforts by his wife and friends.

He’s fond of saying he walked ‘infinity miles’ while searching for the medallion this year. A retired Oregon firefighter, Neal teaches students interested in becoming fire figthers one day.

Neal shared, “I love Rose Festival. I enjoy it every year.”

He found the medallion in some junipers, right next to a vault cover. He’d just separated from his wife who was also searching, right at 6:10 a.m. (after reading the final clue).