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Rose Festival Treasure Hunt Medallion Found in Molalla River State Park

The 2018 Treasure Hunt is solved one day before the Grand Floral Parade

This year a pair of puzzle makers solved the series of 13 clues which lead to the 2018 Rose Festival Treasure Hunt Medallion, just one day ahead of the Grand Floral Parade.


Laura E. Hall and Jey Biddulph discovered the prize beneath a pile of woodland debris in Molalla River State Park on Friday, morning after two hours of searching. They made the drive from Portland after getting up at 5:30 a.m. to start their quest. The park was actually littered with people, Laura and Jey reported. They estimated there were around 30 other treasure hunters checking the area in hopes of claiming the $1,000 prize and one-night stay at Spirit Mountain Casino.


The twosome say the key to their success was their jobs. Laura creates escape room puzzles for Meridian Adventure Co. (an outfit The Oregonian/OregonLive featured in 2014, back when it was called 60 Minutes to Escape). Jey co-founded the outfit.

“You can think in the way people who hid it would think,” Laura said of the way her work prepped her for the hunt.