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Canby High School Band Receives a Very Special Invitation


Canby agreed and will be there for the Grand Floral Parade on Saturday morning, June 8.

During last night’s PGE/Solve Starlight Parade, organizers got news that that the Canby High School marching band wouldn’t be able to make it to the parade due to transportation complications. All dressed up with nowhere to go, the lonely band marched around at their school, as the Starlight Parade continued another successful year.

This could have been the end of the matter, but when the Rose Festival staff got wind of their disappointment, it was decided that a special invitation would be extended. Officials offered the Canby band the chance to march next Saturday in the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade, on June 8.

Even though the lineup for the Grand Floral Parade had long been set, the Rose Festival is making room for these dedicated young musicians to ‘show their stuff’ during the 2019 festival.

Canby’s schedule was also set in advance, so they’ll need to confirm their availability. The Rose Festival spoke with band leader Nick Luchterhand, who was both surprised and pleased by the offer. He will check with school administrators, band members and their parents, as Canby’s graduation takes place on June 7, and they would technically be ‘out of school’ by the date of the parade.

Everyone is glad to be waiting on pins and needles, hoping for a happy ending to this situation.