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Lightning Strikes Twice for the Winning 2019 Treasure Hunt Team

Glorie Gary and Aaron Kaio (of Milwaukie and Parkrose) have been a team for a long time, having met in grad school in the mid-90s at PSU, where they did the crossword puzzle together — in ink! Both women are educators, who gladly admit their devotion to both The Oregonian and the Portland Rose Festival.

Glorie Gary and Aaron Kaio


This time around they spent countless hours reasoning out the Treasure Hunt clues, which they found more difficult than in previous years. And they should know, as this is their second time finding the prize medallion, which they first located back in 2000.

Glorie’s wife Sue — who helped with the map and GPS — pointed out that that Glorie and Aaron were up hunting four days in a row at 5:00 a.m. Family members and friends supported the team and held down the fort at home while they put in countless long hours pursuing the medallion.

Finally Glorie had to get down on her stomach in order to find it, after spending a highly frustrating Friday unsure about where the clues were leading them.

The find. (Photo by Sue Gary)


It was Clue Number 12 that led to Glorie’s epiphany. Once she had shown the medallion to her partner, Aaron let out a cheer that brought other treasure hunters running to share their win. It was time to contact the Rose Festival and collect their prize: A $1,000 check, one night’s stay at Spirit Mountain Casino plus a dinner buffet for two.

Rose Festival CEO Jeff Curtis presents the team with their check.


They both agreed that their sucess came from having one another to bounce ideas off of. Remember, they’re the first ever to have a two-time win. So are they ready to hang it up and rest on their laurels? Absolutely not. Glorie and Aaron can’t wait to try again next year!

Read the explanation of the clues for 2019: