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Rose Festival Court Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. How do I apply to be a princess?
    The eligibility requirements and application process are described in detail here.
  2. Where do I send my application?

    Applications must be postmarked by Wednesday, December 12, 2018, or hand-delivered to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation offices by 5:00 p.m. on December 12, 2018.

    Please address to:
    Portland Rose Festival Foundation
    ATTN: Special Events Manager
    1020 SW Naito Parkway
    Portland OR 97204

  3. Do I go to an eligible 4A, 5A or 6A school?

    Students from the following schools are eligible to participate:

    • Traditional Schools
    • Benson
    • Central Catholic
    • Cleveland
    • David Douglas
    • Franklin
    • Grant
    • Jefferson
    • Lincoln
    • Madison
    • Parkrose
    • Roosevelt
    • St. Mary’s Academy
    • Wilson
    • Clackamas County
    • Canby – 6A
    • Clackamas – 6A
    • Estacada – 4A
    • Gladstone – 4A
    • Lake Oswego – 6A
    • Lakeridge – 6A
    • LaSalle – 5A
    • Milwaukie – 5A
    • Molalla – 4A
    • Oregon City – 6A
    • Rex Putnam – 5A
    • Sandy – 6A
    • West Linn – 6A
    • Wilsonville 5A
    • Multnomah County
    • Centennial – 6A
    • Corbett – 4A
    • Gresham – 6A
    • Jesuit – 6A
    • Reynolds – 6A
    • Sam Barlow – 6A
    • Washington County
    • Aloha – 6A
    • Banks – 4A
    • Beaverton – 6A
    • Century – 6A
    • Forest Grove – 6A
    • Glencoe – 6A
    • Hillsboro – 5A
    • Liberty – 6A
    • Mountainside – 6A
    • Sherwood – 6A
    • Southridge – 6A
    • Sunset – 6A
    • Tigard – 6A
    • Tualatin – 6A
    • Valley Catholic – 4A
    • Westview – 6A
  4. I go to a private school or am home schooled. Is there any way I can apply to be on the Rose Festival Court?
    Currently, the Rose Festival Court is only open to students of eligible schools in Multnomah, Clackamas and Washington counties. You may ask the school in the district you live in to support your application (the same way you might participate in their athletics), but it is up to the school whether or not to endorse each applicant. A valid transcript must be included in your application.
  5. I don’t meet the GPA requirement. Can I still apply?
    If your GPA is between 2.75 and 3.0, you can submit a request for a variance with your application. Your request should include the reasons for your lower GPA and how it has or is expected to improve.
  6. I don’t have enough community service hours. Can I still apply?
    It’s easy to get the 20 hours of community service you need to apply for the Rose Festival Court! Check out these resources for possible opportunities, or ask your high school counselor how you can volunteer at school.
  7. Who can fill out my recommendation form?
    Any adult who is not a relative may fill out your recommendation form. Some suggestions: teacher, school counselor, work supervisor, volunteer work supervisor, principal, mentor.
  8. I really want to be a Princess, but I have a conflict with the judging date. Can I still apply?
    The Rose Festival Court Selection process depends on the judges’ interaction with candidates, as well as your application. All candidates must be present at their judging sessions in order to continue to be a princess candidate.
  9. Is the Rose Festival Court a beauty contest?
    Absolutely not. Candidates for the Rose Festival Court are evaluated based on Character, Communication Skills, and Presence. Our application offers outstanding young women the opportunity to highlight their academic achievement and community service, and our selection process allows candidates to demonstrate their public speaking abilities, poise and confidence.
  10. Is the Rose Festival Court a popularity contest?
    No. Each Rose Festival princess is selected by a panel of judges who are not acquainted with any of the candidates. These judges include community members chosen by Rose Festival Board Members and representatives from your school. Each Portland area school is required to conduct a student vote. The student vote makes up 50% of the total score, with the community judging score completing the remaining 50% to determine the Princess at your school.
  11. What can I do to improve my chances of being selected as princess?
    To put your best foot forward, you should invest time in your application and prepare well for the selection process. Ask a friend or mentor to proofread your application and give you feedback on the answers to the essay questions. Make sure your application is complete and submitted on time. Candidates for the Rose Festival Court are evaluated based on Character, Communication Skills, and Presence. Practice your speech in front of an audience. Do you have good eye contact? Are you smiling? Ask someone you trust to pose impromptu questions to you based on your application. Do you express yourself easily? Do you speak clearly? Practice talking about your values and community involvement, which demonstrate your character. Know what makes the Rose Festival Court experience desirable to you. And remember, embrace the person you are, and show that to the judges with confidence.
  12. What kind of benefits do Rose Festival Princesses receive?
    The primary benefit of being on the Rose Festival Court is in the one-of-a-kind experience of interacting with your community. Beginning in early May, Court Members travel full-time 5 days a week for several weeks, visiting community events, business leaders, hospitals, senior living centers, youth organizations and civic groups. Court Members also receive one-on-one mentorship from top female executives, a $3,500 scholarship provided by the Randall Group valid for any accredited college, university or trade program, a travel wardrobe including shoes and accessories, and a lifetime of enduring friendships with their Rose Festival Court sisters.
  13. I really want the scholarship money, but I heard that when you’re a Rose Festival Princess, you miss out on a lot of other high school stuff. Should I still apply?
    Being selected as a Rose Festival Court Member is an honor and an outstanding opportunity. It is also a large responsibility. The Rose Festival Court experience is demanding and challenging. It requires a big time commitment and adherence to proper behavioral standards. At times, Rose Festival activities may prevent Court Members from participating in other school or personal activities. Applicants should be excited about the experience and honor of being a Rose Festival Princess, not just interested in the scholarship.
  14. If I become a Rose Festival Princess, am I going to miss my high school graduation?
    Once a princess is selected, she submits a sheet of non-Rose-Festival events she would like to attend during her term on the Rose Festival Court, including her graduation. The Rose Festival Court Committee works hard to ensure that each princess is able to attend their high school graduation. Generally, the only reason a princess would miss her graduation would be if graduation takes place during the same time as the Grand Floral Parade.

Do you have questions that aren’t covered here? Please feel free to email us for more information: info@rosefestival.org