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2018 – The Oregon Humane Society


Celebrating 150 Years of Saving Lives

Established in 1868, the Oregon Humane Society is a national leader in animal welfare and the third oldest humane society in the country. Noted humanitarian Thomas Lamb Eliot created OHS after witnessing the abuse of draft animals on the streets of downtown Portland. The mission expanded to include companion animals and, until 1933, orphaned children. Oregonians’ love for pets and protecting them from abuse is a core value of our state. Consider that OHS was founded just nine years after Oregon became a state.

Today, OHS adopts more than 11,000 pets each year and never puts a limit on the amount of time an animal needs to find their forever home. Helping families find their furry family member is what OHS is most known for, but pet adoptions is just one of the many ways OHS serves the community. Humane Officers at OHS investigate approximately 1,000 cases annually — OHS trainers lead workshops, classes and field calls to the pet behavior hotline; the Holman Medical Center at OHS treats shelter pets and provides free and low cost spay/neuter services to the public; and the Humane Education Team reaches more than 12,000 young people each year. In the state capitol, OHS is the driving force behind efforts to improve laws that protect animals and punish offenders.

The Oregon Humane Society is a local nonprofit and not affiliated with any other national organization. OHS receives no tax dollars and operates solely on donations.

The Rose Festival is pleased to partner with this organization this year.

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Oregon Humane Society

More information about entering your dog:
Grand Marshal and Canine Court

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