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2023 Rose Festival Court Application

Thank you for your interest in the Rose Festival Court
presented by Unitus Community Credit Union!

Please review and complete the form below to begin the application process to join the 2023 Rose Festival Court.

The mission of the Rose Festival Court program is to provide scholarships for higher education, to promote community outreach and volunteerism, to offer networking and mentorship opportunities to outstanding young women in a program that perpetuates an appreciation for Rose Festival history and tradition.

All application materials are due by Friday, December 16, 2022.

Additional application materials and more information can be found on the Rose Festival Court page.


This form is your first step toward becoming a member of the Rose Festival Court!

In addition to completing this online form, you must submit three (3) additional documents in order to apply:

  1. School Acknowledgement - to be completed by your high school Principal or their designee.
  2. Official High School Transcript - to be emailed directly to the Rose Festival from your school registrar.
  3. Recommendation Form - to be completed by a teacher, coach, or work supervisor.
All additional elements, along with other useful information and updates, can be found on the Rose Festival Court Program page.

It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure all elements of the application are submitted by the deadline on December 16, 2022. You are welcome to email for an update from the Portland Rose Festival Office on the status of your application at any time.

Please note that any information you submit as a part of this application may be shared with the judges, the media, and/or the public.


Before continuing with the application, please confirm that you meet the following eligibility criteria:
All applicants must:
  • Identify as female
  • Attend an eligible 4A, 5A or 6A high school in Multnomah, Washington or Clackamas Counties
  • Be a senior graduating in 2023 or junior on track to graduate in 2024
  • Have a minimum 3.0 cumulative GPA (Applicants with GPA between 2.75 and 3.0 with exigent circumstances may still be eligible; but must complete and submit a variance request from in addition to this application.)
  • Have completed a minimum 20 hours of community service during high school
  • Applicants are highly encouraged to attend Court Q&A Information session prior to the application deadline. Sessions will be conducted in-person and via Zoom. Sessions can take place at school or students can join a zoom session in December 2022.
Applicants must also agree to:
  • Attend one mandatory Orientation session prior to judging. Orientations are offered in January 2023. Dates, locations and times TBD.
  • Participate in the Community Interview process: February 2023 (subject to change)
  • Participate in your school’s Rose Festival Court Announcement (or special Metro East & West Announcement)
  • Submit a complete application, recommendation form, transcript and school acknowledgement form by the deadline: Friday, December 16, 2022


A panel of community judges will interview each qualified applicant during the Community Interview process in February 2023.
All applicants are judged on the following attributes:
  • Character (50%)–Participates in school, community, and other activities, demonstrates good citizenship, shows a desire to help others
  • Communication Skills (25%) –Clear and articulate speech, animated and expressive storytelling, good grammar and eye contact
  • Presence (25%)–Composed under pressure, adaptable to new situations, enthusiastic and engaged
The school vote (at a traditional school) will make up 50% of the final score. The remaining 50% is from our panel of community judges. For Metro East/West positions, 100% of the score is from the community judges.

Let's Get Started!

Applicant Contact Information

As listed on your transcript
As listed on your transcript
This is the name you use on a daily basis!
Cell phone where you can be reached directly

Parent/Guardian Information

Parent/Guardian 1 - Contact Info

Parent/Guardian 2 - Contact Info
(if applicable)

(If answer is Yes, please list their names)

Education Information

Please list the complete name of your school
(Include specific date if known, or Month & Year)
What is your current unweighted GPA?

If your GPA is below 3.0 but above 2.75, you must complete and submit the variance request form. Forms can be found on the Rose Festival Court page.

Applicants with a GPA below 2.75, as provided by your school, are not eligible to apply.

Biography Form

This section will give you a chance to tell us what makes you unique and why you want to be a part of the Rose Festival Court program.

Past Princesses have been born all over the world!
(Please answer in 100 words or less)

Volunteer Service

Please record a minimum of 20 hours of volunteer service performed during your high school career.

You may use this form to list up to three different organizations. If you have additional organizations, please email a list to with the subject "Court Service Hours - Your Name".

Volunteer Service - Organization 1

Volunteer Service - Organization 2

Volunteer Service - Organization 3

Rose Festival Court Rules & Guidelines

If selected to the Rose Festival Court, Court Members will be asked to agree to rules and guidelines, including the following:

Time and Commitment:

  • A Court Member's term of service is from school announcement day through the following year's school announcement day. For the Court Member selected as Queen this term is extended through the following year's Coronation and Grand Floral Parade.

This includes:

  • Travel season from mid-May through early June during which the Court will have Official Business most days of the week. (subject to COVID-19 safety guidelines)
  • Official duties for Court Members will end after the Grand Floral Parade and the Queen’s Coronation.
  • Official duties for the Court Member selected as Queen will end after the Queen’s Coronation and Grand Floral Parade of the following year.
  • Court Members and their families are responsible for recognizing and agreeing to the time and commitment of the Rose Festival Court.
  • Court Members may be asked to forego personal or extra-curricular events to prioritize the Rose Festival Court.
  • Travel to/from Court Headquarters is the responsibility of the Court Member and her family.
  • From Court Headquarters the Court will travel as a group with appropriate chaperones.


  • Court Members are public figures and as such must be mindful of their behavior at all times, both in person and online.
  • Court Members will work with Court Committee Members and/or Staff before making any public comments.
  • Court Members will adhere to the Portland Rose Festival's non-commercialization policy and will refer any appearance or endorsement requests to the Foundation's Court Staff Member.
  • Court Members will not be in possession of nor consume tobacco/vape products, alcohol, and drugs.
  • The Portland Rose Festival Foundation reserves the right to remove any Court Member or Queen from the Rose Festival Court for any reason, at any given time.
  • For further rules and guidelines please see the terms and conditions below and refer to the 2022 Rose Festival Court Handbook.
All applicants must agree to the following statement:

I acknowledge that I have a proven record of good citizenship and attendance, have never been convicted of a crime, have read and understand all of the above Rules & Guidelines, and agree to abide by them. I understand that I may be removed as a candidate for or member of the Rose Festival Court if I do not meet these rules at any time after signing this application. I understand all decisions made by the Portland Rose Festival Foundation directors, staff, or my high school administration are final. I certify that all information contained in this application is correct to the best of my knowledge.

Student Acknowledgement:

I confirm that I have read the criteria & I am eligible to apply for the Rose Festival Court.
I have read and understand these Rules & Guidelines and agree to this statement

Parent/Guardian Acknowledgment
As a parent or guardian, I have read and understand these Rules and Guidelines for Parents/Guardians
Please type your name and date in the field below  
(email of parent/guardian who signed above)

Once all required fields are completed - please click Submit below

Remember to submit the Recommendation Form, School Acknowledgement, and Official Transcript to complete your application process!
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