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2023 Grand Floral Parade Special Entry Application

The Grand Floral Parade is one of the top special events in the world and the cornerstone event of the annual Portland Rose Festival!

The two-hour parade is made up of approximately 90-95 entries. All entries are by invitation only. While floral-covered floats, marching bands and equestrian entries are the anchors of the parade, special entries are sprinkled throughout the lineup to add movement, culture, color, and energy. The Parade Committee is looking for entries that create overall visual impact for both the television audience and the hundreds of thousands of spectators along the route.

The goal of the Grand Floral Parade Committee is to provide an entertaining, celebratory event with high standards of visual, cultural, and musical content. Entry evaluation will be based on these standards.

Entries wishing to apply to the Grand Floral Parade must be vetted through another event, parade, or performance in order to apply to participate. Qualifying events and performances may include, but are not limited to; other televised parades of similar length or content e.g. Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade NYC, Pasadena Tournament of Roses Rose Parade, the CareOregon Starlight Parade, or other moving performances which can be reviewed on video or YouTube by the parade committee.

Additionally, the Grand Floral Parade staff or committee members may require access to a rehearsal or performance of new applicants to complete the application review process. Some entries may be asked to perform in the Starlight Parade prior to consideration for entry into the Grand Floral Parade. Applications due no later than March 24, 2023.

Contact Information

(as it should appear in parade line-up)

Cell Phone for day-of contact

Entry Information

Marching units must sign and return a waiver by May 5, 2023, that indemnifies Portland Rose Festival Foundation, City of Portland, all sponsoring organizations and their officers, directors, employees and agents.

include costumes, entertainment, visual impact
Due to limited parade space, applicants are encouraged to be thorough and creative with parade entry descriptions. Not all entries will be accepted. Please send additional information to, if you need more space.

Please describe any planned music or noise (maximum 75 decibels)
Please check all that apply

Please Upload a photo, sketch, or artist's rendering of your entry send additional images:

Please include link to Youtube video(s) if avail.

Rules and Regulations

Special Entries are expected to adhere to all Grand Floral Parade rules and regulations as stated below. Please pay close attention to the standards for audience contact and entry focus before completing this application. Special Entries may not recognize individual sponsors in the course of their dress, on their banner, or by name as part of their performance.

I agree to the Liability Release & Agreement
please read agreement carefully before submitting  
I have read and agree to Rules & Regulations for all entry types.
please read rules carefully before submitting  

Thank you for your interest in the Portland Rose Festival's Grand Floral Parade!

Please submit this application at your earliest convenience before March 24, 2023.

If you have any questions, please email us at the Rose Festival office.

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