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Princess Doré Young

Franklin High School

Portland, Oregon
Rosalie Homan and Adam Young
Annie Young, Daphne Young, Grayson Young, and Mia Homan
Year in School:

Future Education & Career Plans

Doré plans to attend a four year university, getting her undergraduate degree in either Chemistry or Education, possibly at Colorado College. She plans to pursue a masters degree in education, with plans to become a high school or middle school teacher with a focus in chemistry.

High School Activities & Honors

Doré participates in Franklin Wrestling and Track & Field. She has also participated in Oregon Battle of the Books up until this year. Doré is on Franklin's Constitutional Law Team, which is only available to seniors in AP Government. Last year she received the PPS All Star award for high achieving immigrants and students of color in the Asian/Pacific Islander category.

Hobbies & Special Interests

Doré competes in Olympic style Weightlifting with her dad. She also dances in the Contemporary Company at Franklin and takes her mother's hip hop classes as well. Doré is the Team Captain of Franklin’s wrestling team, and is also a part of Track & Field and club Rugby. Doré loves spending free time in Ms Sansom’s chemistry lab and helping her with lab preparation, grading, and eye wash station testing.

What is Your Favorite Place to Visit in Portland and Why?

“Mount Tabor park, specifically the hill near the tennis courts. When the sun hits that hill just right; I feel like I've never seen a more vibrant green. I have so many memories of running, rolling, and sledding down that hill since I was a child. It makes me feel free.”

What Are You Most Proud of During Your High School Career?

“I am most proud of being the first female captain of the wrestling team that I've ever heard of. The boys and girls on my team really look up to me and I am so overwhelmingly pleased with this opportunity to serve my team and school while helping progress the hyper masculine wrestling team culture.”

What is Your Favorite Rose Festival Event and Why?

“Definitely the Rose Festival Partner event, the Good in the Hood Festival. I've gone with my church in past years and prefer it to other similar community events. For me, it's special because of its positive, inclusive atmosphere. Listening to them talk about helping your neighbors and participating in the community last year, I realized that they really capture Portland's essence and I can really get behind their message and values.”

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor

Corlinda Wooden
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