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Princess Phuong (Kimberly) Huynh

Liberty High School

Hillsboro, Oregon
Phu Huynh and Ngan Lai
Kevin and Jennifer Huynh
Year in School:

Future Education & Career Plans

Kimberly hopes to attend Pacific University and major in film and media production with a minor in graphic design. Her future goals include producing a television show on a streaming network and becoming a published screenwriter.

High School Activities & Honors

Kimberly is highly involved in her school's theater production and the news program, where she is known for her off-script jokes. She is also taking AP Chemistry, AP Pysics Calculus Mechanics, AP Music Theory and Senior Inquiry (a dual credit class at PSU). Kimberly is also involved in the National Honor Society, and on Saturdays volunteers at Lac Hong Vietnamese school to assist in art classes.

Hobbies & Special Interests

In her spare time, Kimberly enjoys reading classic literature and performing the dan tranh, a traditional Vietnamese instrument, for various local schools. Since the sixth grade she has been writing a teleplay, now consisting of 100 episodes!

What is Your Favorite Pace to Visit in Portland and Why?

"As a major bibliophile, I love going to Powells bookstore. Powells does an excellent job at sating my literary appetite and showing me other wonderful authors. Once, I spent an entire day wandering across the Powells bookstores across Portland. It gave me all the exercise I needed for a week!"

What Are You Most Proud of During Your High School Career?

"Last spring, I played Hermia in my school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. As English is my second language, it was a bit of a challenge, memorizing the script word for word. But in the end, the show was a massive success and I knew it was so because everyone in the cast and audience was having fun. Being in theater has definitely taught me to believe in myself more and to voice my opinions to an audience."

What is Your Favorite Rose Festival Event and Why?

"A cherished childhood memory of mine is riding on the Ferris Wheel at CityFair. I have always enjoyed going on the rides and eating the various sweets offered at the fairgrounds. Every year, my family makes an effort to go. The Rose Festival has always been a part of my childhood and I hope that it will be a part of my future too."

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor

Megan Snyder
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