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Princess Wren Louis

Madison High School

Portland, Oregon
Kris Louis and Brian Louis
Roxie Louis
Year in School:

Future Education & Career Plans

Wren plans on attending an in state college to become either an ASL interpreter or an independent business owner.

High School Activities & Honors

Wren is an active member in Peace & Justice and the Garden clubs. Her GPA places her at the top of her class. She plays goalie for Madison's Woman's Soccer team along with being the score keeper for the Woman's Basketball team. Wren was also nominated for a honorable mention for Portland's All City soccer team.

Hobbies and Special Interests

In her spare time, Wren loves dog and baby sitting around her community. Wren enjoys playing soccer with Soccer Chance Academy as well as being a counselor at outdoor school for the last two years.

What is Your Favorite Place to Visit in Portland and Why?

"My favorite place to visit in Portland is Alberta Street, where there are many interesting stores and restaurants to explore."

What Are You Most Proud of During Your High School Career?

"In my first week as an outdoor school counselor one of our discussion questions at a meal was 'who is your female role model?' Shortly after the meal another student leader came up to me and told me that one of the kids in my cabin had told her that I was her female role model. This event helped me realize that my actions can create a positive impact in others lives."

What is Your Favorite Rose Festival Event and Why?

"During the last two summers I have had the opportunity to work for the Rose Festival Foundation. My position was at the Foundation's museum at the City Fair. While at work, I was able to interact with many exited families who were coming to the Waterfront to experience the Rose Festival. Just being able to see the kids exited faces when heading to the rides brought me so much joy. With all the food, games, rides, music, and happiness that Rose Festival and City Fair offers it is no wonder why it is my favorite Rose Festival event."

Unitus Community Credit Union Mentor

Lori Fink
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