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Spring Training Treasure Hunt

NEW for 2021! The Rose Festival Four-County Spring Training Treasure Hunt

It's an exciting time, with four new chances to find Rose Festival treasure!

Just like ballplayers, you've got Spring Training to help you become a good Treasure Hunter! The four Training Hunts will run for six days each beginning April 20 and ending May 16. Clues to each hunt will be available daily at 10:00 a.m. at this website.

  • Hunt #1 - Multnomah County, Tuesday, April 20. 2021
  • Hunt #2 - Clackamas County, Tuesday, April 27, 2021
  • Hunt #3 - Washington County, Tuesday, May 4, 2021
  • Hunt #4 - Clark County (Washington), Tuesday May 11, 2021

Come for the bragging rights -- stay for the fun!

Start by straining your brain as you work through each cleverly designed clue -- you'll be thankful for Google and those library research books! Then climb in a car, or hop on your bike, and head to some interesting location as you begin the actual hands-on hunt! Is it down on the ground? Behind a tree? Up on the top of a wall? Get out there and put your ideas to work!

Once you've participated in Spring Training, it will be time to jump in for the real deal -- our annual Rose Festival Treasure Hunt!

click to see CLUES!

Clues are written not only to help people learn how to hunt, but to also explore the individual histories and geography of the counties that are part of the Rose Festival Family. The four Training Hunts will run for six days each, beginning April 20 and ending May 16. Clues to each hunt will be available daily at 10:00 a.m. at this website. (See the CLUES button, or go directly to NEWS at this site.)

See the 2021 rules:

Hunter's Hints

Hunter's Hints Washington County
Part 1

Due to the increased popularity of the Rose Festival's annual Treasure Hunt, this year participants can share something totally new! There will be four separate Spring Training Treasure Hunts -- one a week for four straight weeks -- starting on April 20 (2021). Each hunt will be limited to a six-day period, and the first hunter to find the Treasure will be declared the winner -- and be allowed to keep the treasure they discover!

Winners will receive a $20 gift certificate to Voodoo Doughnut. (Additional sponsor/donor promotional prizes may be included -- to be announced.)

Participation is free of charge and hunters may encourage others to join in the fun -- the more, the merrier! (Please see the RULES above for details.)

Hunting should be limited to daylight hours, only, please. The treasure will not be hidden on private property and hunters are strictly forbidden to hunt on said property. There should be one winner per each Spring Training Treasure Hunt, and it is the sole discretion of the Rose Festival to confirm each winner. Winners will be required to participate in standard publicity, and to fill out any necessary paperwork.

Spring Training Treasure Hunt
Hunter's Hints at YouTube!

Hunter's Helpful Hints
Hunter's Hint #2

Hunter's Hints Clackamas County Part 1
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