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Junior Parade

Fred Meyer Junior Parade

Date: June 05, 2024
Time: 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


The Rose Festival Mascot, the Clown Prince, waves from his throne with two junior helpers sitting to his left, a blonde girl with braids wearing a clown nose and kitty ears, and a girl with black hair wearing pink sunglasses
Fred Meyer Junior Parade
June 05, 2024 | 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM


2024 Community Entries:
Apply Here Before April 26th

2024 Dance/Drill/Baton Groups:
Apply Here Before April 26th


Fun reigns at the Fred Meyer Junior Parade from the moment the lovable Fred Bear cuts the ribbon to the last float that goes down the street. Children from all parts of Portland participate by dressing in costume, transforming wagons into floats, decorating bikes with colorful flowers, or just by parading with friends and family.

Elementary and Middle School marching bands fill the Hollywood District with song, and dance teams add swirls of color to the celebration. Regardless of how you participate in this pint-size parade, the kids of Portland enjoy their moment in the spotlight on Fox 12 Plus live, local television.

Celebrating our community’s children started early in the history of the Portland Rose Festival. In 1918, six kids in the Hollywood District were sorely disappointed about the cancellation of their beloved Rose Festival due to World War I. So, they decided to hold their own parade!

With a procession of two bicycles, one tricycle, and an express wagon carrying their own Queen down NE 44th Street, the first version of the Junior Prade began. Having been an official Rose Festival event since 1936, the Junior Parade is the oldest and largest Children’s Parade in the Nation.

Ways to Participate

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This parade is for kids! Get Creative, Dress Up, Build a Float!

Families and Groups

The Portland Rose Festival invites all families and groups to "Dream Forward" in creating kid-centric entries for the Fred Meyer Junior Parade on Wednesday, June 5, 2024. Entries can include community groups, affinity groups, small businesses, dance teams, sports teams, and more. Join the festivities by forming a walking group, decorating non-motorized vehicles, and hand-crafting floats for the big parade.

All entries must apply by April 26 to ensure our telecast can highlight you.

Community Entry Application

You can also show up on parade day at NE 52nd & Sandy Blvd to visit the Decoration Station, presented by Visit Seaside Oregon, to get FREE materials to decorate your bike, wagon, scooter, umbrella, or yourself! You will then be directed to your space in the formation area to join the fun!

Quick Tip: Give yourself plenty of time. Arrive at least more than an hour before the 1:00 parade start time.

Let's Get Moving!

Dance, Drill, and Baton Teams

This is your chance to shine and show off your moves down Sandy Boulevard as you join the action on parade day.

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Let's Build a Float!

Need Ideas to Build a Float? Join Our Float-Building Workshop on Saturday, May 18th! Registration is Required.

Exciting news for this year's Portland Rose Festival! Immerse yourself in the art of float-building at our brand new Float-Building Workshop on Saturday, May 18th, from 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m., located at the Portland Rose Festival's renowned Big Float Barn: 6136 NE 87th Ave, Portland, OR, 97220.

In this hands-on workshop, explore endless possibilities for crafting your own dazzling parade float. Join decorating and float-building demonstrations, gather inspiration, and let your imagination soar alongside fellow parade enthusiasts.

Gear up to kick-start your parade preparations and unleash your creativity at our Float-Building Workshop! Bring your building and decorating supplies, such as chicken wire, cardboard, and streamers, to work on your float onsite. Alternatively, gather inspiration to take home and continue crafting your float at your leisure. Don't miss this chance to transform your bikes, wagons, dollies, and trailers into captivating parade entries!

Please note: If you register to participate get ready for a logistical challenge as you transport your float home after the workshop. You might be surprised by just how much space those fully assembled floats can take up!

Ready to embark on this creative journey? Register for the workshop here. After registering, closer to the date of the workshop, you'll receive all the essential event details and a list of items to bring along.

Join us and let's make this year's parade a remarkable celebration of creativity and community!

Contact our staff for more information or if you have any questions.

Float Awards!

Honoring generations of fun, we invite float participants to compete for the Rose Festival Best Float awards! Rose Festival judges will base their decisions on creativity, originality, and how entries best showcase the "Dream Forward" theme of the Festival. Awards fall in the following categories:

  • Club Floats
  • School Floats
  • Family/Neighborhood Floats
  • Affinity Group Floats
  • Commercial Floats

Please indicate which category your float falls in on the application form.

Let's Get Playing!

Elementary, Middle, and Junior High School Marching Bands can find more information about parade participation on our Bands Program page.

Ways to Watch

From the Street

The Junior Parade begins at Sandy Blvd and NE 52nd Ave at 1:00 p.m. It then travels down the one-mile parade route on Sandy Blvd, then turns North onto NE 40th Ave, then West onto NE Tillamook, and ends at Grant High School.

From Your Couch

If you can't get to the Hollywood District on parade day, you can still join in the fun from home, thanks to our partners and friends at Fox 12 Plus (KPDX), who broadcast the parade live.

Parade Route Map

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