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Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the Portland Rose Festival Treasure Hunt!

Once the Clues are written, and the location for the hidden Medallion is determined — but only the Clue-writer (who shall remain anonymous) knows where that is — the dates for the 2021 Rose Festival Treasure Hunt will be announced!

The treasure to be found will be a small (approximately 2.5-inch by 3-inch) block of Lucite with a special Rose Festival Medallion embedded in it!

Clues will be available in 2021, Dates TBA

The Treasure Hunt was a very popular program that began in the mid-80′s, and continued for nearly 20 years. A Rose Festival Medallion was hidden on public property somewhere in the Portland-metro area, and daily Clues were offered in The Oregonian to help hunters narrow down the location of the treasure. These Clues made reference to local history as well as geography, and often they were so obscure that they generated a lot of “water cooler talk” among casual observers and hunters alike as they tried to decipher the meaning of Clues.

Once dates are determined, Clues will be released DAILY online here at the Rose Festival website at 10:00 a.m.
Clues will continue to be released until the contest end date, or until the Medallion is found.

We encourage you to follow our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for updates, but Clues will ONLY be posted at the website.
Get your search engines ready to help out as you check online sources for information to assist you in uncovering the hidden meaning behind the Clues!

The first to solve the clues and find the medallion will win ‘bragging rights,’ along with a prize package!
(prize package contents TBA).

Please check back in Spring, 2021 for dates and more information!
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