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Treasure Hunt

Welcome to the Portland Rose Festival Treasure Hunt!

Clues Available Starting Memorial Day Weekend 2021

Join us on Sunday, May 30, for the opening day of the 2021 Rose Festival Treasure Hunt!

The treasure being searched for in this event will be a small (approximately 2.5-inch by 3-inch) block of Lucite with a special Rose Festival Medallion embedded inside.

This year novices have a chance to learn what treasure hunting is all about, while experienced hunters have extra opportunities to hone their skills -- all with the brand new Spring Training Treasure Hunt that starts on April 20! Four Spring Training Treasure Hunts simply add to the hunting pleasure prior to the big event that will take place Memorial Day Weekend.

Hunters will have to hit Google -- and every other resource you can think of -- to crack the clever Clues, before heading out into the field to search for the hidden prize. Plus a total of five hunts will keep everyone on their toes! You know what we say:
Come for the bragging rights -- stay for the fun!

Check the Spring Training Treasure Hunt page for detailed information about the four new events.

A very popular program...

...that began in 1983, the Rose Festival Treasure Hunt continued until 2005, and then restarted in 2014. A Rose Festival Medallion is hidden on public property in the Portland-metro area. Daily clues are offered to help hunters narrow down the location of the Treasure. These clues make reference to local history, as well as geography. Often they are so obscure that they generate lots of “water cooler talk” among casual observers and hunters alike, as they try to decipher the meaning of clues!
Remember: CLUES will be released DAILY online here at the Rose Festival website at 10:00 a.m.

Clues will continue to be released until the contest end date (or until the medallion is found).

We encourage you to follow our Social Media pages (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) for updates, but, again -- Clues will ONLY be posted here at the website.
The first to solve the Clues and find the Medallion will win those popular bragging rights -- along with a prize package!

The 2021 prize consists of:
  • $500 (donated by the Portland Rose Festival Foundation)
  • One night’s stay in a single hotel room for two at Spirit Mountain Casino (donated by Spirit Mountain Casino)
  • One buffet dinner for two people at Spirit Mountain Casino (donated by Spirit Mountain Casino)

So get your search engines ready to help you out. You can have a lot of fun checking online sources for information to assist you in uncovering the hidden meaning behind each Clue. Your home and public libraries can help you dig for information, or you just might find an educated friend or two who can share ideas!

See the 2021 rules:

View the PDF Map of Previous Medallion Locations:
Adobe PDF

click to see CLUES!

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