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2024 Rose Festival Marching Band Application Form

Marching Bands provide some of the most entertaining and dynamic entries in each of the Portland Rose Festival's parades! We'd like to invite you to join us in 2024 for the CareOregon Starlight Parade on June 1, and the Grand Floral Parade on June 8. In addition to our signature parades, we are excited to offer additional performance opportunities at CityFair—a flexible venue appropriate to breakout band, concert band, jazz band and choir performances, which is available during multiple dates & times throughout the three weeks of the Rose Festival.

Some reminders:

  • Please double-check your school’s calendar to make sure you do not have any conflicts with event dates.
  • Register your band for every parade & event for which you wish to be considered, regardless of your previous year’s scores or participation.
  • Complete and submit this form for Band Committee review by November 15, 2023.
  • If submitting after the November 15 application deadline, please contact the Bands Team to confirm receipt of your form.

Invitations for Rose Festival parade participation will be issued via email by December 15. To avoid any misunderstandings, please do not publicize your participation in an event to parents or students until official invitations have been issued. If you have any questions, please contact the Bands Team at the Rose Festival office.

Thank you for your continued involvement in the Portland Rose Festival! We look forward to working with you and your students as we bring music and celebration to the streets of Portland!


School Mailing Address
Cell Phone for Band Director

(school name if no band name)

(recent awards, honors, appearances, parades, etc)

Please upload a Color Photo of Band in Uniform (photo of uniformed member ok, if whole band n/a)

Please select the events below that you would like to participate in.
Please check all that apply!

Please provide day/date (and time if known)



High School and Guest Band entries in Rose Festival parades must be in uniform. Elementary, middle or junior high school bands do not have to wear traditional band uniforms. They may dress in a uniform fashion, i.e. same color shirts, pants, shoes, etc. Completely disorganized dress is discouraged.

Outwalkers with a parade unit need to be uniform in their appearance.Parents or students carrying water, supplies or equipment need to wear coordinated clothing, i.e. same color shirts, pants, shoes, etc. Please note: outwalkers/parents/etc. should also plan to walk in line or formation, to improve the appearance of the entry.

Band judging includes appearance, so you can increase your general effect scores by having your entire parade entry look as sharp as possible.


There must not be any playing or marching in the formation area. Warm-up is permitted. Important radio communication to coordinate the parade takes place in this area and is adversely affected by band play. Please do not play until you step off in the parade proper.


A brief warm-up is allowed prior to entering the parade route for the Starlight and Grand Floral parades. The warm-up is defined as pianissimo long tones, tuning, a scale, a short chorale or similar exercise.It is not playing a tune.The band must face away from the parade entry location during its warm-up, and designated warm-up areas must be observed.Percussion sections must follow the same warm-up rule with quiet exercise.

Pacing on the parade route is intended to be 50-60 feet from the unit ahead of you (approximately 1/2 block). Unless otherwise directed, you must maintain forward motion (no counter marching, side steps, etc.) and not allow gaps beyond the 60 feet. (Some exceptions apply for approved TV area performances).

Playing on the route is required at the band judging and at the Starlight and Grand Floral parades' television locations. Announcing platforms on the Starlight and Grand Floral parades are going to introduce your band, so playing at that spot is encouraged. People lining the parade route want you to play the entire time. We know that is impossible, but try to entertain as many people as possible.

You represent your school and your community and perform before thousands of people at the Rose Festival parades. If you adhere to these rules carefully, you will increase your judging scores, the formation officials will be your friends, and you will have a highly successful experience.

Thank you for being a part of the Portland Rose Festival Foundation celebration.

I have read and agree to the Rose Festival band policy.
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