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Amber Kaney and Team Find the 2022 Treasure Hunt Medallion

Amber Kaney of Oregon City - along with her treasure hunting partner Jason Stride and six-year-old daughter Vina Hefflinger - discovered the 2022 Treasure Hunt Medallion for the Portland Rose Festival in Lower Daybreak Park in Clark County.

Amber has been treasure hunting for several years, and has been partnered with Jason since 2016. Her daughter is eagerly following in her mother's footsteps. In fact, Amber allowed Vina to be the one to reach inside the log where the Medallion was hidden and pull it out!

Both Amber and Jason agree that it's not all about winning - they both love the adventure! They went out to search in both rain and sunshine, and love being in the field seeking the prize. But they also enjoy the research that goes into each Clue, and spend a lot of time online using Google and other resources to pinpoint the right spots to look.

Vina always has her backpack packed and ready, and they also take along a cooler full of goodies to keep them going during their time out in the field.

"We enjoy the challenge," Jason shares. "We think it's both interesting and fun," Amber adds.

Amber took time to break down her entire search at Facebook, clue by clue (they finished on day nine, Clue nine).

Amber also wants to thank her fiance Tommy for 'holding down the fort' at home so she and Vina are free to go out and spend hours hunting. Amber refers to treasure hunting as her 'habit' - and it seems like a very good habit indeed! She and Jason said they'd be back again next year for certain to search again.
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