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Former Dragon Boat Rower Discovers the 2023 Treasure Hunt Medallion

The Portland Rose Festival is pleased to announce that Kelly Luzania found the 2023 Treasure Hunt Medallion. Kelly is another hunter who both enjoys and supports the Rose Festival. She and her family have counted the Starlight Parade among their favorite festival events. Her husband, Sean, son, Liam and daughter, Simone, are all part of Kelly's hunting team. She's also lucky enough to partner with Joe Gantt (she calls him her 'map guy') and Neal Dietz (a familiar name around the festival treasure hunters), whom she calls a mentor.

Kelly was at the Vista Bridge and carefully examining the view. Something made her take a closer look as sunset was approaching. Sure enough, she discovered the small black box that contained the 2023 Medallion!

Kelly is not a Portland native -- in fact this coming July marks her 20th anniversary living in the city, which she loves.

She spent two years rowing in the Dragon Boat Race, as a member of the Scales of Justice team. She and her husband really loved that, but she said it became difficult once the kids came along.

But it's not difficult for them to include the entire family in treasure hunting - in fact, since they took it up, they have a new and different way of looking at things. "Every outing and picnic gives us a chance to practice," Kelly shared. "Now we read the plaques at road side monuments and in parks and learn so much."

You're a festival supporter? Kelly was asked. She responded with an enthusiatic YES! "During the pandemic Neal and others were worried about the festival and asked hunters to donate, which we were glad to do."

Kelly considers herself a newbie, but has already been hunting for five years. She says she and her family will be back again next year!
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