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Rose Festival DVDs

The DVD of the Rose Festival’s first-ever motion picture, ‘From One Rose,’ is now available via this website! The Oregonian’s reviewer Shawn Levy called the movie “a meditation on the intricate ways in which history affects communities and individuals at one and the same time.”

A unique narrative rather than a traditional documentary, ‘From One Rose’ tells the story of a woman who grows up with the Rose City and the Rose Festival and lives her ordinary life in Inflatable Dome Tent the shadow of major world events, including world wars, the Vanport Flood and the eruption of Mt. St. Helens. It was produced with the participation of a student film project, a curriculum designed to teach young adults the art of filmmaking.

The DVD is a beautiful keepsake of the festival’s Centennial, and at $25 is a perfectly priced gift for friends and family.

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