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Rose Festival Celebrates Final Big Event Weekend

Art Fests, Pirates, Musicals, Good Neighbors and Ride-able Milk Cartons Highlight Summer Fun

Rose Festival heads into summer with a flurry of unique encore events starting this Friday, June 24. Event enthusiasts can catch everything from art shows themed on Roses, Dragon Boats and Recycled Junk to hanging with neighbors in the hood, faux fighting pirates on the beach and discovering how many milk cartons can float your boat.

The Royal Rosarians Milk Carton Boat Race presented by the Dairy and Nutrition Council of Oregon, highlights the Rose Festival calendar as kids and entire families hop on bundled milk cartons to ply the shallow waters of the Westmoreland Casting Pond in Sellwood, starting at 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 26.

Mock’s Crest Gilbert and Sullivan musical “Ruddigore” wraps up a month long run at the University of Portland’s Mago Hunt Theater. Tickets are still available to this popular dinner and show event. For those staying close to home, the Good in the Hood Multicultural Festival brightens North Portland for three days with music, food and a community parade on Saturday, June 26, all free to the public.

Travelers going to the coast this weekend should stop by the 5th Annual Rockaway Beach Pirate & Costume Festival and shiver your timbers as the rowdy buccaneers storm the beach. (Located in Rockaway Beach, Oregon.)

Three ongoing art shows continue with uniquely Rose Festival themed works. For more than 80-years, the Oregon Society of Artists has honored the Rose Festival with a rose themed art competition producing hundreds of pieces of rose art over many generations. Fire on the Water features incredible images inspired by the unique and traditional Rose Festival Dragon Boats and the Recycled Art Festival presented by Clark County Environmental Service in Vancouver takes the Rose Festival’s Clean and Green initiatives to delightful new levels.

The Rose Festival’s Events calendar is full for a big weekend of events with a flurry of diverse outings designed to fit Portland’s multicultural interests. For best planning, see our Calendar

Fire on the Water: Dragon Boat Art Show: Continues its run through August 30 in the Antoinette Hatfield Hall (Portland5, 1111 SW Broadway, Portland). Free admission.

Rockaway Beach Pirate Festival: Friday through Sunday – Ocean’s Edge Wayside, Rockaway Beach, Oregon. Free admission.

Good in the Neighborhood Multicultural Festival: Friday through Sunday, Lillis-Albina Park, North Flint & Russell Streets, Portland. Free admission.

Rose Festival Art show presented by the Oregon Society of Artists: Daily through June 30, 2185 SW Park Place, Portland. Free admission.

Mock’s Crest “Ruddigore” by Gilbert and Sullivan: Thursday through Sunday, Mago Hunt Theater, University of Portland, 5000 N. Willamette Boulevard, Portland. Tickets available.

Recycled Arts Festival presented by Clark County Environmental Services: Saturday and Sunday – Esther Short park, Vancouver, Washington. Free admission.

Royal Rosarians Milk Carton Boat Race presented by the Oregon Dairy and Nutrition Council: Sunday 11:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m., Westmoreland Casting Pond, SE Mcloughlin & Bybee, in the Sellwood neighborhood, Portland. Free admission.