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Portland Rose Festival Foundation Board of Directors

Portland Rose Festival Foundation Board of Directors

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation Board of Directors is the governing body of Portland’s Official Festival, the Best Festival in the World. This is a year-round commitment that peaks each spring as all of the parades, events and programs of the Portland Rose Festival are produced under the leadership of these volunteers. The Portland Rose Festival Foundation Board of Directors is made up of up to 75 local leaders who implement the Foundation’s mission, work on committees for Rose Festival events, and fulfill assigned roles at these events. Many of these hard-working volunteers even use their own vacation time to work on their assigned events. The Rose Festival truly could not happen without their dedication and commitment.

Mission Statement

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation is a non-profit that serves families and individuals with programs and events that promote the arts, education and volunteerism. We value environmental responsibility, diversity, patriotism and our historic & floral heritage.

2017-2018 Officers
President: Brett Baker
President-Elect: Teri Bowles-Atherton
Vice President: Peter Mack
Secretary: Carla Stenberg
Treasurer: Cheryl Zander
Assistant Treasurer: Dave Todd

2017-2018 Portland Rose Festival Executive Committee [PDF]

Message from the Rose Festival President


My name is Brett Baker, and I am the current president of the board of the Portland Rose Festival Foundation. I am a native Oregonian, growing up in Salem. My love of the Rose Festival started, as it has for many Oregonians, with my family. Both of my sets of grandparents loved the Rose Festival. They, along with my parents, brought my brother and me to the Rose Festival events, the parades, the waterfront rides and the navy ships. We of course loved it.

Some years ago as a young commercial banker, I was the banker for the Rose Festival. I then developed a healthy respect for the organization for its significant impact to the local economy, tourism and enhancement of the reputation for both Portland and Oregon. It drives more than $65 million of economic impact each year. Once I joined the board, I began to have a more philosophical feel for the Rose Festival. It is one of the key touchstones for Oregonians that binds us together in a positive way. It is amazing to me that 500,000 people come out in person every year to watch our parades. To me that proves that the Rose Festival is relevant and important to Oregonians.

It’s my honor to serve as the President of the Rose Festival, and I sincerely hope everyone has a Brilliant Rose Festival experience this year!

Brett Baker
President, Portland Rose Festival Foundation