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Rose City Sing-Off

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The Rose City Sing-Off is the premier a cappella competition for high school-age singers in the Northwest. The Rose City Sing-Off not only provides an exciting opportunity for youth to compete, but also a chance to perform for three professional judges. As part of the experience, each group will get to work one-on-one with the judges before the competition begins, each of whom have professional backgrounds in music, singing and education.

Winners: Mixolydians | Best Soloist: Carmen Groenweghe (in front)

Partnering with the Portland Rose Festival, this competition is hosted in Portland, Oregon, but draws from the entire Northwest region. It will be a new one-day competition format, taking place on Saturday, April 16, at Imago Dei Community (1302 SE Ankeny St). Nine qualifying groups will be admitted, and all groups will perform in a single round of competition. Cash prizes are awarded to the top three singing groups: Champion ($750), first runner-up ($500) and second runner-up ($250). Songs, choreography and dress are family appropriate, with songs that have a positive message.

Listen to the 2015 First Place group performing by clicking the following link:
The Mixolydians perform Kimbra’s “Settle Down.”


First Place: Mixolydians (Sherwood High School)
Second Place: Soul’d Out (Wilsonville High School)
Third Place: Nothing But Treble (Westview High School)


Founders Choice Award: The Six of Us (Camas High School)
Best Soloist: Carmen Groenweghe, Mixolydians (Sherwood High School)
Best Vocal Percussionist: Hanna Evans, Nothing But Treble (Westview High School)
Best Choreography: Soul’d Out (Wilsonville High School)
Best Arrangement: Ethan Conroy, “Singing in the Rain” (Wilson High School)

View a sample of the Sing-Off:

Applications Now Open!

  • Groups can be all male, all female, or coed. Ideal group size – 20 students or less.
  • Songs, choreography and dress must be family appropriate and will be subject to screening. The message of the songs performed should be positive.
  • To audition, a group must send in a completed Application and a CD or MP3 file recording of the group performing two songs no later than February 12, 2016.

View the 2015 Participants:

Name School
Notetorius Catlin Gabel
Pony Pipers Milwaukie High School
The Six of Us Camas High School
Mixolydians Sherwood High School
Downing Street Singers Churchill High School
Nothing But Treble Westview High School
Singing in the Rain Wilson High School
Soul’d Out Wilsonville High School
Vivace Lincoln High School