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Rose Cup Races

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The Rose Cup Tradition Continues

The annual Rose Cup Races, the oldest amateur road-racing event west of the Mississippi River, celebrated 50 years of racing in 2010. This race has been popular with West Coast racing enthusiasts for five decades, attracting more than 400 amateur drivers in more than 25 different classes of modern and vintage racecars. It is one of the featured events of the Sports Car Club of America, a 60,000-member not-for-profit national organization that promotes more than 2,000 amateur and professional motor sports events each year. Races like Portland´s prestigious Rose Cup, organized by the Oregon region of the SCCA, represent the grassroots motor sports participation that typifies the club.

Rose Cup Races

The 55th running of the Portland Rose Festival Rose Cup Races will be one of the largest and most varied in the event’s long history with over 400 entrants from all over the United States and Canada.

For a complete 2015 race schedule click here

The full Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) schedule of races also includes: the Great American Stockcar Series (GASS) featuring V8 ground-pounding stockcars, the Portland Karting Association, and SCCA Solo competition.

For the first time, the Rose Cup Race will feature the exciting Spec Racer Ford group, with up to 40 identically prepared sports racing machines battling for their first chance at the trophy. Because each car is the same as every other car, the focus in this race group is entirely on the driver, making this Rose Cup a true champion’s race.

The Festival Trophy Race will showcase the traditional high horsepower, high performance Rose Cup Cars. The Corvettes, Mustangs, Porsches and other production-based race cars you love to see in the Rose Cup will battle just as hard for the Festival Trophy this year. Several past Rose Cup winners will be on hand to put their names on this trophy.

The Great American Stockcar Series (GASS), providing high speed door-to-door racing in identically prepared V8-powered stock cars. These NASCAR-like ground-pounders are built here in Portland, and they will bring the excitement and noise of professional stockcar racing to the weekend.

The tradition of road racing in Portland goes back over 100 years. In June 1909, the Wemme Trophy was awarded to Bert Dingley, who won a race held on public roads between Portland and Gresham. Today racers in the Vintage class compete for the Wemme Trophy to honor great drivers and cars from any era.

The Portland Karting Association will exhibit a variety of kart classes, with many different engine sizes and road race speeds up to 170 mph. From SuperKarts to sit-up to laydown types, there is a class for most anyone. Karting is a family-oriented sport with racing opportunities for kids 5 years old up to adult and master classes.

Also joining the Rose Cup Weekend is SCCA Solo, running competition in the infield of PIR. Solo racing is built on a simple concept: drive as fast as you can around a series of cones in a parking lot, but the tight and twisty turns make it a real challenge.

SCCA is also sponsoring Track Night in America, where you can put your own car on track at PIR on Friday evening for several sessions with an SCCA race driver as your personal coach!

The Rose Cup Races, the oldest amateur auto racing event west of the Mississippi, is sure to excite the whole family.

Motorhome permits are available only through the Portland Rose Festival office, and must be ordered in advance. A motorhome package costs $150 includes four 3-day tickets and a car pass. 2015 order forms are available here.