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rose outline

The Rose Festival is Cooking with AM Northwest!

“Recipes & Roses” — the Rose Festival’s commemorative Centennial cookbook — will be featured Wednesday morning (May 14) on AM Northwest (on KATU Channel 2), during the cooking segment of their show. Featured is Chef Suzy Baker (from Jake’s Famous Crawfish) and Oak Knoll Winery, the festival’s official winery.

Chef Baker will be preparing the Oak Knoll Pacific Rim Lamb (as seen on page 77 of the cookbook), using Oak Knoll’s Pinot Noir for this robust lamb entree. “Recipe & Roses” gives everyone a taste of Rose Festival history, providing exciting menus collected from court members, board and staff members and other festival fans. One entire section of the cookbook features menus that allow us to ‘cook with roses,’ making everything from rose cookies to rose petal salads.

The cookbook is available at our ONLINE STORE, or by dropping by the festival office, located at 5603 SW Hood Avenue in Portland.