rose outline
rose outline

Celebrate Rose Festival’s 2013 Official Rose

Start celebrating “Portland’s Party” with the Rose Festival and “Pop the Cork” this holiday season. It’s time to plant a rose in your holiday stocking with the newest edition of the Portland Rose Festival 2013 signature rose “Pop the Cork.” Available exclusively at Dennis’ 7 Dees, for each rose purchased $2 will be donated to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation.

This bold and beautiful long-stemmed Hybrid Tea with deep inflatable floating water park glossy green foliage is a Deep Golden orange-yellow rose with a kiss of red on the finish. It’s a ‘bouquet machine’ that is disease resistant and has a yummy grapefruit citrus-like fragrance.

Available now for $24.99, rose gardeners can purchase a certificate for the “Pop the Cork” rose exclusively available at Dennis’ 7 Dees garden center locations, and be guaranteed one of these limited quantity beauties when they arrive in early spring. (For more information on “Pop the Cork” go to OFFICIAL ROSE of the Portland Rose Festival at the Dennis’ 7 Dees website.)