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2014 FRED MEYER Junior Parade Awards

2014 FRED MEYER Junior Parade Awards


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Pleasant Valley Middle School (Vancouver, WA)

Open Class (100 +)
First Place – Highland Park Middle School (Beaverton, OR)
Second Place – Covington kids inflatable water park Middle School (Vancouver, WA)
Third Place – Hazelbrook Middle School (Tualatin, OR)

A Class (99 or less)
First Place – Kingston Middle School (Kingston, WA)
Second Place- Maple Grove K-8 (Battle Ground, WA)
Third Place- Tukes Valley Middle School (Battle Ground, WA)


First Place – Portland Kelly Kadets & Stites

Dance/Drill Juvenile
First Place – SEI Youth Drum Line
Second Place – Elite Dance Studio Performing Company
Third Place – Lady Dragon Cheer Squad

Dance/Drill Junior
First Place – Whitford Middle School Coachettes
Second Place – Ebony Strutters
Third Place – G.R.E.S. Criancas de Zumbi Samba School


Alice in Wonderland

Major Floats
First Place – MLA Charter School
Second Place – Oregon Mermaids
Third Place – Filipino-American Youth Association of Portland and Vicinity

Bikes (5th – 8th grade)
First Place – Lily and Luke Harris
Second Place – O’Rion
Third Place – Brayden and Makal

Bikes, Trikes, Big Wheels
First Place – Antonia Beil

Wagons, Strollers, Misc.
First Place – Blake Drucker and Adam Siglai
Second Place – Lois Jeane
Third Place – Miranda Strick

Costumed Groups
First Place – Broadway Medical Clinic, LLP
Second Place – Memories in the Making Leeb Style 2007-2014
Third Place – Portland Chinese Lessons

Costumed Individuals
First Place – Grand Ronde Tribe

International Groups
First Place – Vasa Youth Group (Swedish Youth Folk Dancers)
Second Place – Ainsworth Junior Escola Samba Group

Skateboards, In-Line Skates, Unicycles
First – Findley Elementary School (Beaverton)
Second – Lake Oswego Unicycle Club (Hallinan School)
Third – Wheely-O’s-Unicyclists

First Place – Buddy and Rae (Gary Ford)