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Grand Floral Parade Fans Can’t Duct
Their Responsibilities

Ban on Pre-Parade Sidewalk Marking is Still in Affect

Once again, parade fans are reminded that marking a spot on the sidewalk with duct tape, chalk, paint, chains, chairs or rope prior the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade is an unlawful violation of city code. People are welcome to camp up to 24 hours in advance of the parade to hold a preferred spot, but there is no reserving of public property allowed. The Portland Rose Festival is asking that we all play nice together — and have FUN sharing the space on this great day in the Rose City!

According to the Portland Rose Festival Foundation, there is no shortage of good viewing spots along the 4.2 mile parade route through downtown Portland, and people simply do not cheap water trampoline for sale need to compete for space to enjoy a full view of the parade. In addition, the Festival offers indoor and outdoor seating at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum, which is the only indoor arena in the country to have a major parade pass through it. (See our TICKET page for details on available seating in the climate controlled coliseum or outside in the sunny TV viewing area.)

On March 19, 2008, the city council passed an ordinance to “Prohibit marking public property or right-of-way, using paint, tape or other methods or objects to reserve viewing space for a parade event” Effective May 15, 2008, the City of Portland adopted a Permanent Rule (Title 14A.55 Parade Event Marking) authorizing the Bureau of Development Services to enforce City code 14A.55.010.
(VIEW this page at their website.)

The BDS will conduct a walk-through survey of the parade route Friday before the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade. According to the BDS website: “Beginning Friday morning June 6, parade attendees may reserve their spots in-person along the parade route. Camping overnight along the parade route is permitted on Friday night only.” Campers are encouraged to place their tents and personal items a few feet back from the curb to allow a walking path for pedestrians.

Grand Floral Parade indoor reserved seat tickets are $30 and include the Queen’s Coronation presented by Pacific Power. Outdoor prices are $30 for premium chairs and $25 for reserved bleacher seating (all ticket purchases are subject to handling fees). Tickets are available here at our website at the Rose Quarter Box Office, or can be charged by phone at 1.877.789.ROSE (7673).