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Rose Festival Adopts Boys & Girls Aid
as the 2015 Official Charity

Boys & Girls Aid Finds Families for Children in Foster Care

The Portland Rose Festival Foundation has made Boys & Girls Aid its official charity for 2015. Strongly supporting the belief that “every child deserves a family,” the Rose Festival recognizes that not every child has a family — so the festival will dedicate this season to helping draw attention to the need to connect those children with caring adults who will allow them to thrive.

“It means so much to see an organization with a history as rich as the Portland Rose Festival, support children in foster care,” said Suzan L. Huntington, Ed.D. President & CEO. “We hope water trampoline with slide that through this partnership we can raise awareness for the foster children in our communities who desperately need and deserve a meaningful adult in their lives.”

For 130 years, Boys & Girls Aid has improved the lives of children on a daily basis. When Boys & Girls Aid was founded in 1885, the founders believed that children deserved better than the harms and dangers of abusive and neglectful parents. While the approach and practices have changed, the core mission has not. And it will not until all children are given a fair chance at success. Until that day, Boys & Girls Aid will not stop looking for a solution to the challenges faced by Oregon’s abused and neglected children.

“The Rose Festival is proud to partner with an organization as dedicated and venerable as Boys & Girls Aid, who have been positively impacting children’s lives for 130 years,” said Portland Rose Festival Chief Operating Officer, Marilyn Clint. “We hope to help highlight the mission of identifying and supporting foster families in Oregon.”

To help draw attention to the Foster Family mission of the Boys & Girls Aid, the Rose Festival will feature entries in the Fred Meyer Junior Parade and the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade, as well as hosting a special foster family appreciation day at CityFair. The Oregonian — longtime festival supporter — will sponsor a Boys & Girls Aid walking group in this year’s Bank of the West Grand Floral Walk.

The Portland Rose Festival has made Portland, Oregon a better place to live and visit for 107 years. As Portland’s Official Festival, The Rose Festival attracts over one million people to the Pacific Northwest every year. By sharing community pride, the Rose Festival provides Portland with fun and entertainment for all ages and generates more than $75 million for the region’s economy and local businesses.

The Rose Festival Foundation is a non-profit that serves the community by providing families with events and programs that promote the arts, education and volunteerism. We value environmental responsibility, cultural diversity, patriotism and our floral heritage.