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Rose Festival Sees a Funtastic Future Ahead

Festival Announces Renewed partnership with Leading Carnival Company

The Portland Rose Festival is thrilled to announce that Funtastic Traveling Shows has renewed its contract to extend the partnership into 2022. The agreement with the popular carnival company means great stability for one of the Festival’s major events, CityFair, and compliments the eclectic foods, diverse concerts and fun kids programming at the Rose Festival’s scenic riverside location.

“Funtastic Traveling Shows has been a true partner for more than a decade,” says Jeff Curtis, Rose Festival Chief Executive Officer. “We feel fortunate to be able to work with a local company that prides itself on safety and customer service that aligns perfectly with Rose Festivals goals.”

Ron Burback, who — along with his wife Beverly — own and operate Inflatable Church For Sale. Funtastic Traveling Shows says, “The Rose Festival has been a great partner and a wonderful setting for showcasing the best of Funtastic Traveling Shows. We look forward to continuing this great relationship.”

Funtastic Traveling Shows “is just possibly, the world’s finest carnival. Funtastic Traveling Shows is one of the safest, cleanest and most widely respected carnivals in the west.” The Rose Festival agrees enthusiastically with “more than 3 million annual visitors who visit Funtastic Traveling Shows every season.” And the best part is, they are based right here in Portland Oregon. See more about Funtastic at their website.

Rose Festival CityFair featuring Funtastic Traveling Shows is OPEN:
May 26 (Friday) – Memorial Day (Monday, May 29)
June 2 – 4
June 9 – 11