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A solar eclipse is a lineup of the Sun, the Moon, and Earth.

The Moon — directly between the Sun and Earth — casts a shadow on planet Earth.

If you’re in the dark part of that shadow (the umbra), you’ll see a total eclipse. If you’re in the light part (the penumbra), you’ll see a partial eclipse. Everyone in the continental U.S. will see at least a partial eclipse. (In fact, if we have clear skies on eclipse day, the Moon will cover at least 48 percent of the Sun’s surface. And that’s from the northern tip of Maine.)


First contact for this eclipse is right here in Oregon! And among large cities, Portland is in the top 25 cities which will have the BEST VIEW in the nation (Nashville will have the GREATEST view).

There won’t be another total solar eclipse until April 8, 2024. The last total solar eclipse took place on February 26, 1979 (and March 7, 1970 prior to that one).

Don’t forget your filter! If you don’t have filter glasses, then make a filter with two paper plates, putting a tiny hole in one (with a pin, or sharp pencil). Line up your paper plates with the Sun with the one with the hole closest to the Sun. The image will come through the tiny hole and appear on the second plate.

Don’t forget to wear SUNSCREEN on eclipse day! You’ll probably also want a chair or blanket, plus food and something to drink.

IMPORTANT: Don’t try to photograph the eclipse — you’re likely to miss it while trying to focus your camera. Remember: It only lasts seconds!