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Join the Rose Festival Circus Corps Today!

After a successful start back in 2008 with the Rose Festival Character Clown Corps, we’re taking a new step this year by adding additional types of circus entertainers. Plus we’ve changed the name of the program to the Rose Festival Circus Corps!

Clown Corps

It’s a three-ringed Rose Festival, and close enough to home so participants can keep that day job while living out the age-old fantasy of ‘running away’ to join the circus! Be a clown — or some other type of circus performer — and become a part of a special blend of fun and laughter for the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade and many, many other festival events.

These ordinary-folks-turned-extraordinary-entertainers reflect both the historic traditions of clowning, and the contemporary culture of the region. Named one of the Best Educational Programs in the World by the International Festivals & Events Association (IFEA), the Circus Corps is led by one of the region’s most talented professional clowns, Angel Ocasio (also known as the Rose Festival’s Clown Prince). These wonderful clowns will be joined by other circus performers, NEW to the Rose Festival Circus Corps. Watch for them this spring, both on TV and in person!

Join the Circus!

Download a 2017 Circus Corps Application today!

2017 Circus Corps Application

NOTE: Your application MUST include a non-returnable photo.

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Meet the Clown Prince,
the Rose Festival’s Official Mascot!

Clown Prince
In 2011 the Rose Festival debuted its new mascot, the Clown Prince. An instant icon, the Clown Prince represents the spirit of the Rose Festival and its focus on fantasy, royalty and the love of laughter.

According to The Legend of the Clown Prince, he started out as just an ordinary boy named Angel who worked as hard as he could to grow up to be a great clown and represent a great festival. In 1914, Rose Festival Queen Thelma sent Angel on a quest to travel the world and see the best festivals, the best rose gardens and the best clowns.

After his long journey, Angel returned to Rosaria where he reported to the 2010 Rose Festival Queen Victoria Dinu that he could state “absolutely, categorically and ultra-definitely” that the Rose Festival is the best festival in the world. Pleased, Queen Victoria bestowed the title of the Rose Festival Clown Prince on Angel for his service to Rosaria. As the Clown Prince, Angel’s responsibility is to tell the world about the Rose Festival and to kick off the world-famous Grand Floral Parade.

Look for the Clown Prince, waving from his throne, in all three Rose Festival parades, the PGE/SOLVE Starlight Parade, the Fred Meyer Junior Parade, and the Spirit Mountain Casino Grand Floral Parade.