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The Portland Rose Festival Foundation retains a year-round professional staff, supported by seasonal and intern positions.

Many of us are active on Facebook — we welcome YOU adding us as Friends! Click the button that appears after any name to go to Facebook. (You’ll need to be logged in to add each person as a Friend.)

Name Title Facebook
Jeff Curtis Chief Executive Officer
Marilyn Clint Chief Operating Officer & Director of Events and Communications
Steven Bledsoe Waterfront Activities Manager
Charlie M. Clint Webmaster & IT Manager (volunteer)
Christine Couchot Office Manager & Web Assistant
Sheila Hughes Business Manager
Richard (Rich) K. Jarvis Public Relations Manager
Katie Kresl Special Events Coordinator
Angel Ocasio Artistic Director
Suzanne Perkins Special Events Assistant
Caitlin Persa Receptionist
Carol Ross Director of Marketing & Development
Jason Racette Sponsorship Manager
Nasiem Sanjideh Waterfront Assistant
Kate Schiewe Communications & Marketing Assistant
Lilia Villasenor Rose Garden Store Manager
Tanya Wilkins Staff Accountant
Christie Wong Sponsorship Director
Calisa Yun Sales Assistant